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♠ Now we offer our extended support, with a tailor-made approach to diversify our expertise to our clients. QApps is in the process of getting many more companies to sign up with a choice between free listings and paid services. Our clientele can choose from a varied service that we have at your disposal irrespective of profession and country. As time goes on we will be expanding our horizon to all industries. To start with, our focus will primarily be on Business Process Outsourcing and Call Centre functions. Our directory will be focusing on the US, UK, Australia, India and a few big business houses around the globe.

♠ We have a fetish for quality in service and customer delight and for any client looking for quality performance; we are indeed the right choice. Our panel of experts in the field of IT and non-IT business will be more than happy to assist you in strategizing your BPO needs at a very competitive rate. We are just a call away 24/7 for our clients to serve them.

♠ When we set out to start a BPO center, a lot of people were surprised that with IT and Finance background why would we go in for BPO business. However our expertise in finance and IT has proved to be our asset and our USP! We nurtured a dream of making a quality BPO center that would be different from the usual run-of-the-mill operators in the industry. We believe that the best professional satisfaction you get is when you see your clients around the world happy with your service.

♠ We left no stone unturned to make Q-Apps Technology a place where our clients get all the facilities and technology they ever need. We owe our clients the world for the trust they reposed in us and for understanding us although we were a start up and our employees who were freshers. Our team of devoted employees has been our mainstay and our strength.

♠ Our vision is to make Q-Apps Technology the number one BPO center and our dream is to scale up to a capacity from where we can provide employment to thousand employees by the end of this year.

♠Every day, our clients entrust their customers and business to our bilingual (English and French) employees, who engage in telephone and Internet contact, call center operations, information technologies and management, telecommunications, sales, customer service and marketing efforts.

We provide clients with:

  • ♠ Higher quality telephone and web-based customer service and sales operations
  • ♠ Lower base operating costs
  • ♠ Maximum customer value

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We deliver through:

  • ♠ Specialized computer telephony technologies
  • ♠ Call center development experience
  • ♠ Human resources management and process expertise

Businesses intent on growth simply cannot cost effectively develop the same in-house level of sophistication in technology and human resources. By outsourcing customer service and sales to Q-Apps Technology Plus, businesses preserve capital resources, reduce cycle time and improve corporate performance.

Services: Business Process Outsourcing Solutions is the helping hand for your business. We want to ensure that your business thrives while sparing you the non-essential day-to day business tasks. How do we do it? For all your business process outsourcing needs, BPOS is the solution - by providing innovative superior quality and effective solutions at lower costs and coupled with guaranteed productivity.

Our philosophy is simple - We provide high quality receivables management solutions through the integration of leading edge technology, highly skilled and motivated staff and proven workflow practices.

Our mission is to provide innovative information technology solutions to today's business challenges. Our goal is to use our technical expertise, management commitment, and organisational flexibility to deliver solutions to your business problems, on time every time and within budget.

Save on monthly costs:

  • ♠ No HR costs
  • ♠ No maternity leave
  • ♠ No health benefits
  • ♠ No sick time
  • ♠ No vacations
  • ♠ No retirement/separation pay

Lead Generation

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Let our experienced telemarketers generate qualified hot leads for you. We free up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best close deals.

Lead Qualification

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Whether you have a list of contacts from a trade show or a list, we can turn them into qualified leads for you. Our experienced professionals will take the tedious task of lead qualification off your hands. You get only qualified leads back from us.

Research Surveys

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Whether you are gathering information to sell as sales leads or generating leads for your own company, research surveys are the way to go. Let our professional team do the work for you. Our telemarketers work around the clock for you.

Virtual Assistant

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Just like having your own assistant - only better! We save you the trouble of filing employee taxes, vacations, sick leave, maternity leave, retirement plans, HR department, health benefits and other costs involved with having employees. You get a full time assistant and we take care of the rest.

Our virtual assistant will make and answer calls for you, take notes, write letters and messages, schedule appointments, make reservations, remind you of meetings and events and more. It is almost like having an assistant in the room next door.

You can even be in contact with your virtual assistant through video conferencing at all times if you like.

Appointment Scheduling

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We can take care of setting up appointments for your important meetings. We will even remind you beforehand. Whether is be setting up a staff meeting or setting up an appointment with a potential new client, we can help so you are freed up for more important tasks.

Travel Booking/Reservations : Let us set up your travel plans, flights, taxi or car, hotels and other arrangements. We can save you time and stress so you can concentrate on that important meeting.

Event/Conference Registration

We can fill out all those long, complex questionnaires for you. Registering for an event can sometimes take a lot of time. Our staff can take over these tedious tasks for you. This frees you up to use your time more productively.

Debt Collection

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Today's economy is not what is used to be. Debts are on the rise. With the housing market failing, more and more people are falling behind on their payments. Whether it be credit card debt, home loans, products and services or whatever, we can make those calls and reminders for you. Our team is trained to handle any situation that may arise. Our professionals can tactfully follow up on late payments, freeing you up to seek out new customers and clients.

Telemarketing/Call Center

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We have a team of professionally trained telemarketers. We can do anything from lead generation to surveys to sales. Experience leads to more lead to sales conversions. We have a high ratio of conversions because our team works full time making calls for you.

Order Taking

Inbound or outbound calls, we can handle it for you. Our team can flawlessly integrate into your business to receive calls and take orders for your company. Our representatives are courteous, friendly and professional. Customer service is one of our top priorities.

Technical Support

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Customer service is one of today's most important aspects. Companies are rated mostly on their customer support. The after sales service is the most important detail a customer looks for when making a purchasing decision. Let our expert team handle your tech support hotline so you can concentrate on running your business.

Customer Service

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Customer service is one of today's most important aspects. Companies are rated mostly on their customer support. The after sales service is the most important detail a customer looks for when making a purchasing decision. Our team is trained to handle any situation.

Help Desk/Answering Service

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We offer a live help desk service and answering service. Eliminate the need for multiple secretaries in your office. Save on costs. Let our team take care of answering your phones. We can integrate our service flawlessly with your office.

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